Monday, March 6, 2017

Power of Prayer, Power of Love

Thanks so much to Hank Noonan for taking the photo of Peggy and me at the KofC Women's Appreciation Dinner in February. First of all, I am blown away by how beautiful Peggy looks. Second, the picture sent me scurrying for one about the same time last year in the latter half of the chemo rounds. A parishioner was joking this past weekend about how I looked stronger, and how the power of prayers from the parish were of course responsible for that! I said, you're not kidding. And I repeated what I have said before, that I had started praying that the Lord give these wonderful people some kind of visible sign that their prayers meant something. Oh my goodness. We are both so grateful. We are both so aware of God's great love, shown through the love of parishioners, and shown through his goodness to us in the treatment process. Whatever days are ahead of us, we will never forget this.

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