Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update from Ireland

Wednesday evening June 13. Back at the hotel after another great day at the Eucharistic Congress here in Dublin. The forecast of 25000 per day looks like it is happening. Never saw so many religious habits (they wear them in the streets here) or Bishops and Cardinals in my life. If you remember World Youth Day and catechesis sessions, they are being done here as well, and always by a Bishop or Cardinal. Impressive for the most part. Great workshop session by the Archbishop of Manilla in the Philippines on child sexual abuse by clergy. Really excellent. And the Archbishop of Dublin opened the whole thing on the first day by wading right into it. People have welcomed the openness.

In all, a very uplifting experience of the universal church. Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Kenya, Philippines, USA, Canada, and on and on and on. Tremendous shot in the arm to have that kind of solidarity. The Irish people are solid, if a little conservative. I have had the privilege of being deacon at four Masses over here, in different churches on our tour (Killarney Cathedral was unbelievable). I have registered as clergy and so obtained the beautiful deacon stole they are giving out at the Congress. But having had the opportunity to be deacon on our tour, I have decided to emphasize the sacrament of marriage at this point, and am attending daily Mass at the side of my missus.

The walk from the hotel is 3 km each way and we have been grateful to do that twice a day. The food we have consumed here is incredible. Couple of days ago we got away at 240 in the afternoon. Zipped over to Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells. Then we walked up to Temple Bar and hit a couple of pubs including the Temple Bar pub. The music on the street and in the pubs in Temple Bar is tremendous. May make a return trip on Monday and make that my birthday venue.

Had dinner last night with the whole group, and Archbishop O’Brien. Great evening and the Archbishop bought wine all round. First steak of the trip for me because I could not eat steak and have three whole meals a day. Just try it sometime. You could put on weight with the Irish breakfast alone we are having every day.

More later.

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